Energy Efficient Hot Water

We are proud to have partnered with EMS Tanks, a South African based company that have designed a unique solution to providing hot water at fraction of the cost when compared to the conventional boiler systems currently available.


This new combination between energy efficient heat pumps and the low-pressure fiberglass boiler system, has a proven track record of electricity savings up to 70%. EMS Tanks manufactures these fiberglass heat accumulator hot water tanks, with capacity from as little as to 200L to the largest of 25000L, therefore suitable for both the residential and commercial/industrial markets.


In summary the benefits of our hot water tank are as follows:

  • Up to 70% savings when compared to a gas or electric system.
  • The Tank can use solar, heat recovery or any other source as its heat supply, having the heat pumps only as a backup. This will result in even further energy savings.
  • Unlike your conventional boilers this tank is a low-pressure system, therefore no danger of explosion, allowing for the tank to be placed outside if preferred.
  • As it is made of fiberglass, the Tank is immune to corrosion, UV stable, acid resistant and has zero standing heat loses.
  • The tank is not affected by any lime scale build up, reducing maintenance costs.
  • The tank is installed as a plug and play system, affording the customer no downtime when it comes to installation.
  • The tank comes disassembled, allowing for maximum manoeuvrability and access through small entrance ways as well as removing the need to break any walls.
  • Lead time from order to installation is approximately 5 weeks, including any necessary customization or design modifications.
  • The tank has a 5-year guarantee.


For any further information regarding our facilities management system, please give us a call, write us an email or visit the company’s website