Energy Efficient HVAC

Every HVACR system loses cooling capacity from day one due to system inefficiency from thermal degradation, accounting for up to 30% performance loss. Losses in cooling capacity will lead to the following causes:


  • Increased energy consumption; which translates directly to higher energy bills and increased greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Increased wear and tear; with costly emergency maintenance due to mechanical failures and shortened equipment life due to over working the system, this increases both capital replacement costs and operating costs.


The solution to reversing the above-mentioned lost cooling capacity in your HVAC system is either outright replacing your existing commercial HVAC system with a newer unit that has not yet suffered any capacity loss, or alternatively you can spend a fraction of the unit-replacement costs on the best-proven solution – CRYOGENX4.


CRYOGENX4 is a state-of-the-art nanotechnology that helps you to restore lost system capacity and recoup lost efficiency. It furthermore helps reduce run-time by removing humidity faster and cooling quicker, which further extends the life of the unit as there is no less wear and tear. There is both an Inner and Outer Solution:


  • CRYOGENX4-TTT (Thermal Transfer Technology): This is the Inner Solution that has been developed to restore the heat transfer properties of the internal parts of an air-conditioning unit, particularly the condenser and evaporator exchangers. The oil is simply injected within the refrigerant cycle, binds itself to the surface of the metal and works to delaminate any oil migration therein. The result being that the systems original heat transfer properties are restored, thereby restoring any lost cooling capacity.
  • CRYOGENX4-ACT (Active Coil Technoclogy): This is the Outer Solution which is the most advanced technology designed to clean and activate the coils on the outside of any HVAC system. The ‘activator’ improves the coils heat transfer rate through a ‘coating’ of highly-conductive molecular compositions from a simple spray-on solution applied at regular maintenance intervals on the outside metal surfaces to transfer heat faster. In general, one can expect an air conditioner with dirty coils to use up to thirty (30%) percent more energy than one with clean coils.


In summary, CRYOGENX4 enables set temperatures to be achieved faster while drawing less energy, allowing the condenser, evaporator, and compressor to perform at their utmost design efficiency. At-the-unit energy reduction may vary between 10% to 30% depending on the age and runtime of the equipment. Furthermore this is a one-time application that lasts the life time of the system and requires no downtime for installation.


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