Insulation Coating

We are proud to be the distributors of Mascoat, a global leader in thermal insulating coatings based in Houston, Texas. Their coatings are uniquely engineered and manufactured in-house to fulfill market-specific needs. These products are tested to the highest standards and are proven to conserve energy, protect personnel, prevent corrosion, and save time and money.


In an ever-increasing environmentally aware world, the benefits of choosing the right insulation solution for your application cannot be overstated. Optimize your application with high-quality Mascoat coatings, which outlast, and over time, outperform traditional insulating methods.


Developed to curb energy loss while protecting vital equipment and personnel, our coatings are an innovative yet cost-effective insulating solution for substrates in industrial, marine, commercial and transportation sectors.

Disadvantages of Conventional Insulation


Conventional insulation types include cellular glass, perlite, mineral wool, fiberglass, urethane foam, closed cell foam, asbestos and calcium silicate. Although effective insulators, they often carry the burden of the following disadvantages:

  • Requires substantial fabrication (2, 3 or even 4-part systems) which results in high installation and labour costs.
  • Absorb moisture, promoting Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) and mold growth.
  • Due to the presence of CUI, the lifespan of the substrate is reduced. Leading to consistent maintenance issues and higher replacements costs.
  • Diminished performance over time due to absorption of moisture (often resulting in over 50% reduction in insulation properties), which leads to:
      • Increased energy usage
      • Increased cost of production
      • Environmental concerns

Advantages of Mascoat

  1. Application
    1. Rapid application with minimal man hours; smaller teams using a simple spray technique that allows coverage of much larger areas in a much shorter time frame.
    2. No down time due to shut down, product can be applied directly to substrate while in operation (10 – 146 degrees), avoiding any interruptions to daily operations.
    3. Scaffolding is not necessary on tall applications, only a man lift / Cherry picker – potentially saving exorbitant costs for scaffolding.
    4. Able to insulate previously uneconomical areas – cost vs return on areas such a valves and access points that were previously not insulated but now possible and affordable.
    5. Limited risk of overspray, as dry fall is within 3–5 feet.
  2. Maintenance
    1. Prevents CUI from occurring as there is no air gap between the substrate and insulation – will prove to extend the life and performance of the substrate.
    2. Constant inspection of substrate – no need for spot checks as team can easily identify areas where substrate is deteriorating and repair if need be.
    3. Easily repaired if ever damaged – simple touch ups can be done when required.
    4. Excellent weather resistance – not prone to delamination due to high winds.
    5. Extremely long lasting – up to 15 years and more.
    6. Withstands foot traffic – allows for easy access when performing maintenance.

Return on Investment

  • Conserves energy – lower bills
  • Reduces future maintenance costs – Coating lasts many years longer than conventional insulation, no need for constant spot checks and easy to fix
  • Personnel protection – reduces recordable injuries due to burns on areas not previously insulated.


The coatings have been certified by SWRI, Underwriters Laboratory, Cool Roof Rating Council, NACE, Lloyd’s Register and US Green Building Council among many others.


For any further information regarding Mascoat, please see their website where you can see numerous of their successful case studies. Alternatively give us a call or write us an email and we will gladly assist.