Solar Energy

We are proud to have partnered with GreenSun, a South African company that specialises in the design and implementation of the best quality engineered solar and battery solutions, for both residential and business use.


As a Solar Energy Solution provider since the beginning of 2012, GreenSun has quickly established itself and has built a reputation for delivering innovative and sustainable solutions, in the solar energy and renewable power industry. Based on the needs of each individual client, Greensun embraces and provides a variety of solar energy options as well as an array of systems and methods to offer the most effective and efficient solutions for each project.


As a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution to simple and complex projects, the GreenSun team not only provides exceptional turnaround time on deliverables, but performs a majority of the divisions of work required to design and construct a successful installation and project design with an end-to-end approach.


Each project gets initiated by our administrative team that assists with individualised design and costing and handed over to the operational team that is supported with on-site staff ranging from an installation team, systems design team, qualified solar technician and certified electricians.


Going Solar is EASY, see the 3 steps we follow to bring you to the bright side:

  • Discover
    • We start every project by establishing your needs and end goals for a solar system. A site visit is then conducted to analyse your energy levels and any challenges the site might pose.
  • Design
    • A detailed design is constructed of the site along with a simulation detailing your possible energy savings. All designs are scalable, meaning you can start small and expand the system over time.
  • Deliver
    • Once constructing has concluded, we ensure your solar system meets all energy targets complies with municipal standards. We assess and monitor the  your system long after we have installed to ensure that your solar is performing as designed.


For any further information regarding GreenSun and their Solar Energy Solutions, please give us a call, write us an email or visit the company’s website